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Tasty Treats Your Dog Will Love


All of our cookies are made from one basic recipe. Our treats are made from white flour, wheat   flour, wheat germ, canola oil, brewer's yeast, garlic, and low sodium beef broth for beef flavored cookies or chicken broth for chicken flavored cookies or sweet potato puree for sweet potato flavor. There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. We then hand-cut all of our treats in fun shapes.




Little Bits:

 These bite size treats are ideal for training treats and for our smallest canine friends. 



Little Bits
* Size:

* Flavor:



Nilla Woofers:

 Inspired only by the shape and size of the famous vanilla wafer. We don't add vanilla flavoring to this cookie. It is a small cookie perfect for the small-medium size dog or those watching their weight. Approximately 18 calories each.

This product is bagged by weight. Small is 1/4 lb. Large is 1/2 lb. Jumbo is 3/4 lb.


Nilla Woofers
* Size:

* Flavor:


 Pup Tarts:

 Our  Pup Tarts are made like an empanada or tart. We cut using our regular cookie recipe, then fill with pure peanut butter and crimp and seal this delicious treat. It is a large cookie and really appeals to the medium and large dogs. However it can be easily broken up into smaller bites for our small customers. Sure to satisfy your pup's craving for peanut butter. Approximately 52 calories each.

Size Options: Regular (8count) Large (16 count) Jumbo (24count)

Pup Tarts
* Size:

* Flavor:




 Our signature cut is a squirrel shape. As our bag states "Give them what they really want!" This cookie is one of our original shapes and even after 10 years continues to be our most popular shape.

Size Options: Regular (13 count) Large (26 count) Jumbo (39 count)


* Size:

* Flavor:


Sampler Pack:

 Includes Squirrels and Puptarts. Two of our most popular cuts.





Special Order Cakes:

Our cakes are a perfect way to celebrate any special day in your dog's life. Made with boneless-skinless chicken, carrots and flour. The frosting is pure cream cheese and ricotta cheese. We customize our cakes with your own inscription. Please call to discuss your custom cake so we can be sure you get exactly what you want.

Comes in two size's: 5" Round and 7" Bone Shape



Special Order Cakes
* Size:



Puppy Cakes:

Everyone loves cake, including your pets! Our Puppy Cakes are a great way to enjoy the same cake that brings joy and happiness on their birthday every day. Full cupcake size or mini size are available.



Puppy Cakes
* Size:




Big brother to our Puppycakes they have the same flavor just on a larger tastier scale.  And just like the rest of our treats they're all natural.  Order yours today.
Sold individually.





Buddy Box:

 Give back the love your little buddy or buddette gives to you everyday of the year unconditionally. Our Buddy Box is released every month.  It comes with our toy and large bag of treats of the month. At that time a new and exciting prize and nice amount of treats for your "stick to you like glue" furry buddy. NOTE: Sign up for our "Best in Show" membership and your Buddy Box is included automatically every month. Click here for membership.


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