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Guardian Gear Rain Jacket W/ Reflective Strip:

Our waterproof Guardian Gear® Rain Jackets help to keep pets dry and comfortable in wet weather. Our heavy-duty, waterproof vinyl Guardian Gear® Rain Jacket keeps pets dry in wet weather and saves owners from the hassle of wet dog smell and extra coat maintenance. Features a drawstring hood, leash opening, and a handy back pocket with Velcro® flap closure. Elastic leg straps and adjustable Velcro® belly strap ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Added reflective strip on back provides extra visibility in the rain.

Pricing starts at $17.99.

Guardian Gear Rain Jacket/W reflective strip
* Guardian Gear Size:


Polka Dot Rain Jacket:

East Side Collection Polka Dot Rain Jackets keep dogs dry and comfortable during the rain. These dog raincoats feature a fashionable polka dot design. Our most popular rain jacket style is now available in a cute polka dot print. Waterproof jacket features a drawstring hood, rear leg straps, an adjustable waist strap and a reflective stripe on back to improve visibility at night.

Pricing starts at 19.99.

Polka Dot Rain Jacket
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Thundershirt® The revolutionary new humane, drug free, anti-anxiety garment that swaddles your dog producing a sense of calm during thunderstorms or other anxious situations. The Canine Cookie Company is an authorized retailer of the Thundershirt®. Thundershirt's patent pending design swaddles your anxious dog by applying gentle, constant pressure on it's torso. This pressure has a dramic calming effect for your dog. Thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers now recommend Thundeshirts for their anxiety and fear cases pressure can

Pricing starts at 39.99

Personalized Fitting

 If you feel your pooch needs a Thundershirt bring him/her into the store.  Doesn't matter the size of your dog; small, big, or real big, here's why.  When you make an appointment for your Personalized Fitting, we'll close the store giving you and your dog the personal care and 1 on 1 time you need to make 100% certain you pick the right size Thundershirt, how to put it on properly and ease any anxieties your pet is experiencing.

Call today for your appointment. (214) 769-4886

* Thundershirt Size:

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