The landscape of our society has changed.  With all the social media sites at our fingertips we are now a membership driven society.
Everyone wants to belong.  Guess what? Our pets want to belong as well.  Here at The Canine Cookie Company we're right in step with your furry four legged critters.
We've engineered a membership program the 2 of you can feel good about joining.
You can share how your dog's day is going.  If you can upload and share your pictures as well as all of your funny and unforgettable YouTube videos.
What we're saying is that you and your pet have a home here, their very own community that's growing everyday!
We look forward to having you.  Go ahead and register for 1 of our 3 memberships available to you.  You have 3 options below.




Membership to Community-

In the community, you can upload pictures, youtube videos, and import your comments and posts to and from your facebook page.

Have fun creating events you can invite your friends to or join the events they create.

Our private community has many of the same functions that facebook provides.

Participate in polls.

Receive points for being active on our website- the more active your are in our community, the more oppertunities you have to receive gifts and promotions.

Member Login

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