Customer Loyalty Program


With the Canine loyalty program you can shop, earn, and redeem your points for free products. Points never expire and you don't have to wait until specific dates to redeem your points. Here's how it works:


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Canine Karma

The Canine Karma program encourages participation with events in the community by rewarding subscribed members points for completeing various actions. Your karma can be shown on your profile. After reaching the points requirements at the end of the month, users are rewarded with a range of different gifts and prizes. 


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Tasty and Healthy


Our treats come in two categories, wheat or gluten free, but all are corn and soy free. The Canine Cookie Company is dedicated to the health and happiness of your dog.  We bake our treats in small batches with wholesome ingredients, leaving out the bad stuff and anything we can't pronounce.  We strive to provide a tasty treat that will leave your dog begging for more.  Try some; you might just like them for yourself.

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